did you know...

Did you know that your brain has 4 different states of brain wave cycles? 

Most of the time that we are awake and alert, our brain's are actively in beta waves. These brains waves are associated with conscious thought and logical reasoning. They're incredible -- if not overstimulated....

Most of the time, because many of us live in a constant state of stress on our nervous system, our brains remain in a suboptimal form of beta waves. This means they occur at higher frequencies and promote a sense of anxiety, high stress and an inability to rest / relax. (can you relate?)

This invariably has a cascading effect on our bodies and our hormones as our nervous system responds in a number of ways to the perceived stress we experience in our brains. This could cause a rise in cortisol, inflammation, issues in digestion, increased heart rate + blood pressure, and eventual weight gain, among many other acute and long-term whole mind + body health issues. 

Cue Alpha waves.

Alpha waves are a different type of brain wave that help to ease anxiety, reduce stress, decrease depression, boost creativity and improve memory. They produce a sense of relaxed alertness. The sensation is most commonly experienced first thing in the morning, during or after meditation, and as you wind down at night. The cool thing is, L-Theanine actually activates these brain waves, studies have shown, with as little as 50 mg of this natural stillness supplement. 

So, whether you're taking an exam, studying in the library 'til all hours, drank too much caffeine, are having an anxious day, or just want to go deeper in your meditation, we suggest a snack of 1-2 of our L-Theanine bites to help you find your still in a chaotic, often stressful world. Your health will thank you later.