EST. 2021


Hi! My name is Ellie & I am the founder of Unfazed. This business is nothing without the mission and message behind it, and thus I wanted to share a bit about my story & the origin of Unfazed. 

About a year ago I graduated college in the pandemic & started a new job working in project management. I had spent my whole life working hard & feeling stressed. Chaos, anxiety, worry & all the mental struggles became more familiar than any sense of chill.  Throughout college, I was constantly sick, feeling nauseous, fatigued and exhausted despite being only 22. Somewhere deep down, I always knew it had everything to do with my level of stress & my sense of disdain for my own life. Unfortunately, I never prioritized my happiness or my health over my academic and prospective career successes. At the time, I would've done anything to continue to excel, even at the expense of all the things that make this life so wonderful. 

And then something magical happened:  I spent 4 months of quarantine at home, with no responsibilities and no stress. The only thing I had to do was learn how to be still, how to slow down & how to live presently and joyfully again. All of the stress and the illness I regularly felt faded away without even so much as a parting word. Chaos left and joy took its place. 

A few months later, I started a new job & everything changed, or rather, went back to my "normal". The stress plagued my nervous system. I spent 3-4 days out of the week crying as I envisioned another 30 years running on this feeling of burn-out. And then, with courage and an intuitive feeling that something needed to change, I found the words to walk away from every form of toxic familiar I had ever known. Because, let's be honest, a relationship with work or activity that leaves you in tears more often than not is familiar to staying in a toxic relationship with another person. The truth is, they're both abusive. And if we choose to stay where we could otherwise walk away, we become beholden to a system or a person, and we sadly abandon ourselves.

As I took back my power, I decided it was time to start a movement. A movement that empowered other people to find their health through the stillness and ease. I created these products with the intention of bringing recognition to the importance of protecting and noticing our mental health at work and in life. I believe that anything that costs you your peace isn't worth it. I started this line of products based in L-Theanine because I believe in its all-natural power to help ease chronic stress and anxiety without putting us in a sleepy coma. 

At Unfazed, we create products for the mind, body & soul. For the Soul, our Meditation Balls taste lovely & satisfy any type of sweet or savory craving. For the Body, we use only nourishing, whole, real foods to keep you feeling good & feeling full. For the mind, we have added 50mg of L-Theanine to every bite in an effort to help you manage your stress and anxiety so that you can have a chance at the wellbeing you deserve. I hope you can taste the love and truth we put into every morsel. It's my mission & purpose in this life to share this with you. 

Thank you for being here. I hope you are well. 

xx, Ellie