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Check out our L-Theanine Bites made with all natural L-Theanine, an extract of Green Tea, to boost your energy while kicking the cortisol.



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A letter to you from me,

The story of Unfazed began when the pandemic changed my whole perspective on health, success, and happiness. I came to realize that conventional health trends tend to focus on exercise, nutrition, and healthy life practices. Yet, there was no emphasis on what chronic stress can do to the health of the body. My mission is to change that narrative to be more inclusive and comprehensive.

In theory, and often even in practice, we are sold that if we eat healthy enough, little enough, exercise regularly, and meditate for 20 minutes a day, our health will change and thrive. 

Yet, all throughout college, I was enslaved to those things. I lived the most quintessential "healthy lifestyle" one could possibly live. Yet, I was so unhealthy.  I struggled with a number of stomach problems and pains, chronic fatigue, and debilitating anxiety that manifested into dizziness, heart palpitations, and an eating disorder that I battled off and on for 3 years. 

It took until the world quite literally shut down for me to see that my health issues weren't so much about food or an intense exercise regime as they were about stress and happiness. When I found joy in movement- when I allowed myself to rest- when I allowed myself to sleep in past 5:30 am or take a day off of running- when I re-prioritized LIFE and implemented meditative practices, my health returned. 

Literally- all of the problems I had been fighting off for 4 years dissipated. 

Back then, I wish someone could've told me that slowing down is the best thing I could ever do. I wish someone could've told me that rest isn't just important, but integral to optimal functioning as a human being. Most of the time, I wish I had the courage to slow down and pause earlier. However, I have come to see and believe that sometimes your mess is your message. It has become my personal mission to be the "someone" I needed when I was just a year younger than I stand today...When I was still so wound up in all the wrong things. These products are more than just an unbaked treat that tastes good and keeps you full. They quite literally will evoke that same feeling you get right after meditating. While the all-natural L-Theanine is powerful and has been scientifically studied to help you manage stress physiologically without compromising energy or alertness, the proof is the pudding (or shall I say bites). My own experience is what inspired me to share this with others. More than that, the bites serve as a vessel for a larger message-- one that emphasizes the importance of mental health + brain health on whole body health. 

Unfazed is here to expand the health conversation to include an attentiveness to one's stress levels, sense of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment in relationships. I hope you'll keep this in consideration when trying my products. 



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We're a brand on a mission to expand the health conversation + help you make sense of what a mind-body connection really means. 

We talk about why mental health matters and how we can use it as an indicator of and for all the other health issues we experience from day to day. We're here to help you make sense of what happens to your brain health when your mental health suffers + why that can ultimately cause issues all throughout your body. 

The mind-body connection goes deeper than a spiritual conversation, it's a real thing with real benefits + consequences. We're here to make it less spiritual and trendy, and more logical, practical and applicable so you can begin to understand the implications of your mental state on your brain's chemistry + your body's functioning. We want you to feel and be your very best self- healthy, happy, peaceful + fulfilled.